Friday, July 23, 2010

A Week with Grandmommy!

My mom came to stay with us this week while Chad was out of town working. We enjoyed having her here so much. In fact, it was kind of like having a live in Fairy Godmother. She is a cleaning, grandchild(& mommy) spoiling machine! Chad and I even got to have a kid free night out for dinner and a movie! After she left, Cooper kept looking up at the room she stayed in and yelling for her, then he would wave bye bye. So sweet! Here are some pics from our fun week!

At Abbey's Playtown

Swinging at the park after our morning walks

Building and destroying pillow towers

Cuddling after a nap

Thanks for a fun week Grandmommy! We can't wait for you to come back!


  1. I love that baby grill. He must have one of these, stat. Looks like ya'll had a great week!

  2. How sweet! Isn't it great to have the grands around?