Tuesday, October 28, 2014


 We recently purchased some land right outside of Giddings for our family to enjoy.  It is about an hour drive from our house.  We have been out there several times already, and we are loving it!  It is such a nice place to get away and have some good family time. We tore down the old cabin that was on it, and are building a new little place we can stay, have some shade, and relax.  We are having so much fun making memories here.

I love this old barn. 
Riding in the jeep!  One of our favorite things to do.
Cooper is our expert fisherman.  He catches at least one fish every time!
First fish caught on our land!

This little princess prefers for others to catch her a fish on her pole and bring it to her.  Ha!

The beginning of our cabin/barn.

Brazos Valley Fair and West Texas Fair Winners

A few weekends ago, we headed out to the Brazos Valley Fair.  We were pleasantly surprised by all the fun activities for kids.  They have made several improvements since we went a couple of years ago, and we actually could have spent more time there than we did.  The kids had a ball!
I was so thankful MiMi was with us to brave the petting zoo.  There are few things I dislike more than those animals sniffing and drooling all over me. :)
 Cooper loved all the animals as always, and Hadley was not at all afraid.

Fun in the hay maze!
 Riding ponies with Grandad!

Hadley loved these baby chicks.  She kept saying, "Hello, how are you today?"

Now on to the more serious stuff... Bull Riding!  Just look at that intense face.
Such a fun evening!  Can't wait for next year!
Also, Grandmommy and PaPa entered the kids in the Grandparents Brag at the West Texas Fair again this year.  And once again, we have two big winners!

Aggie 100

 Recently, Chad was nominated and selected for the Aggie 100 award.  The award honors the top 100 fastest growing Aggie owned businesses in the world.  I am so proud of Chad for all that he does to provide for our family, and was thrilled that he was able to receive this award.  He is self motivated, never lazy, hard working, and never complains.  He is also never one to take any recognition or credit (and will hate that I posted this) for his success.   Chad's parents came in town to attend the luncheon with us too!  It was a fun morning celebrating Chad and his hard work!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Football and Dance!

We are trying out some new activities with both kids this fall!  Hadley is taking Kindermusik and has also started taking dance.  She LOVES them both and just smiles from ear to ear the whole time!
Cutest ballerina ever!

 Cooper has started playing flag football!  Daddy is his coach! Their team name is the Cobras.  They have had one game and Cooper scored 2 touchdowns!  We were so proud and excited!  Lucky for us, one of the kids on Cooper's team has a dad that is a photographer.  He takes pictures at every practice and game! So nice!

Ready to meet his team
 Cooper and Coach ready for their first game.
 Chad definitely has his work cut out for him trying to corral, line up, and coach his group of 4-6 year olds.  He is doing such a great job though!
This picture cracks me up.  Carrying one and chasing down the others! Ha!

Talking strategy

Run Cooper Run!

Going after a flag

Headed for the end zone!

Hadley stays busy on the sidelines with her little group of friends. Ha!

So many fun times ahead!