Wednesday, March 25, 2015

MSC Opas Jr.

We had a great time attending the MSC Opas Jr. shows on campus this year.  First up was Wild Kratts.  Cooper loves their show and thought this was awesome.  He was so excited to wear his Wild Kratts gear!  Hadley loved it too, and sat so still and quiet.

Keeping the kids entertained before the show with a selfie!
 Next up was Jack Hanna! Grandmommy and PaPa got the kids these tickets for Christmas.  They have been looking forward to it for awhile!  Right as we walked in, Jack Hanna himself was handing out autographed pictures to the kids.  Cooper was SO excited.  He brought many real animals including a kangaroo, alligator, and a monkey!  It was a great show!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

School Fun Days!

Cooper has had a lot of fun days at his school during the last couple of weeks.  He loves getting to dress up!
Favorite sports team day! (There were A LOT of Aggies around, so he decided to be different!)
 Open House! 
We loved getting to see all of Cooper's hard work.  He was so proud to show us his projects.

 Camoflauge day

Cowboy Day
Cooper and his buddy Weston

Cooper's class


roasting marshmallows

digging for gold


Snakes in a boot throw

This little cowgirl was not wanting anything to do with pictures!

Fastest cowboy in College Station

Fishing for candy!


Feeding the goats
Such a fun day!

Valentine's Day!

We had a fun Valentine's Day!  Chad and I celebrated with our annual Valentine's Dinner with friends while the kids enjoyed Fun Friday Night at church.  Cooper had fun at his school party and Hadley decorated her cookies at home.  Love my sweet love bugs!