Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Trick or Treat

We had such a fun Halloween night this year.  We have trick or treated with the same group of friends for the past three years in a row.  It just gets more and more fun every year.  Everyone came over for pizza before we hit the road.  Stay tuned...there were talks of adult costumes next year!

Hadley was in heaven with all the Elsa's!

The Lintz's made the trailer into a pirate ship this year.  It even had a steering wheel.  The kids thought it was awesome!

Cooper ran into his friend Travis and they trick or treated together for awhile!

Miss Independent

Hadley did such a good job and was smiling the entire night!  She loved every second!

Cooper was so fast I could hardly keep up much less get a picture! Ha!

Pictures from Halloween's past.  Can't believe how much our kiddos have grown!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

More Halloween fun

We had such a fun Halloween week!  I think we had some type of Halloween event every single day! Whew!
First up, the Pebble Creek Country Club Haunting at the Creek!
Cooper was a member of the SWAT team.  He chose this costume so he could have the gun, helmet, and handcuffs! :)  It's all about the accessories.  He has informed me that he will be something scarier next year though.  Ha!
Hadley was a ballerina.
Ballerina in action...
Ready for some candy!
 Cooper and I braved the Haunted House.  Chad took Cooper last year and they both said it wasn't scary at all.  Well, they must have improved their game this year, because all I know is that I got chased by a guy with a chainsaw.  HA! 

 Working the runway for the costume contest!

 So happy with her treats.  This girl loves Halloween!
 Cooper's school had Trunk or Treat.  (minus the trunks!) I am the room mom, and had a lot of fun getting everything together for his party!
Cooper's teachers Mr. Wil and Mrs. Kristen.
The theme for our "trunk" was Aggie Tailgate.  Thanks for the good idea Betty.  Super easy and fun!
Hadley had this down complete with snacks. HA! She had a fun time helping me hand out candy to the kids.  And she thought it was awesome that she got to wear Cooper's football uniform.

These are the snacks I made for Cooper's party!


 We also had our small group over for a BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin) party.  The kids decorated pumpkins while we visited.  It was a lot of fun.  This picture was taken before everyone got there and the glitter started flowing heavily.  I'm pretty sure our grass is still sparkling!

 The finished products!
 Decorating our family pumpkins!
Hadley decided to paint her tiny pumpkin.  Thank goodness, because I have no idea how we would have tried to carve it.

Cooper gave very specific instructions to Daddy as he carved a bat in his pumpkin!  Neither kid wanted any part of cleaning out the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Patch Time!

I look forward to taking the kids to the pumpkin patch every year.  Just something about going that makes it feel like fall.  (Even if we were in shorts.)

Hadley wanted to find the "teeny, tiniest little pumpkin" she could find.
Cooper was on the search for the biggest one of course.

My two little pumpkins

Just for fun, here are some pics of the kids in the same place for the past couple of years!

The kids and I also went to the Farm Patch one afternoon.  It was a beautiful day, and we had so much fun!

Cooper is a fan of the character cut outs.  He had me take his picture in approximately 50 of them.  I will spare you the pictures.

Hay Maze

hay minion

giant spider

Pumpkin tic tac toe!

Such a fun time of year!