Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Cooper!

We had such a fun day celebrating our big 2 year old! I can't believe how much Cooper has changed over the last two years.

Our birthday celebration began with number 2 pancakes! (Ok, so they didn't turn out looking quite as I had imagined, but he liked them so that's what matters, right?)

Next up, a trip outside to find his new playhouse! He was thrilled, and wasted no time beginning to play.

He already had some mail, a birthday card from Mommy and Daddy!

Later, Daddy went and got Cooper a surprise snack...a sausage roll! (He loves to eat the bread!)

Next on the agenda was Hawaiian Falls! I didn't get many pictures because waterparks and cameras are not a good combination! We had a great time. This waterpark is just the right size for Cooper and there were a lot of things he could do. He loved running through the water tunnels, "swimming" in the shallow end of the wave pool, floating in the lazy river, running through the spray park, and especially sliding down the water slide! We also got to have a picnic lunch and eat ice cream!

After a much needed nap, we headed to the movie theater to see Cars 2. This was our first attempt at taking Cooper to a movie. He actually did really well. However, I think he is still too young to make this a regular event. He liked watching all the cars, but most of all he LOVED the popcorn! He got a little antsy after an hour and a half, but hung in all the way through.

Last stop was a trip to McDonalds for dinner and a little playtime.

What a full and fun day celebrating our precious gift! We love you Cooper! Can't wait to see what year 3 holds!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beach Vacation- Part 2

On Wednesday, we headed to Port Aransas to continue our vacation and meet up with MiMi, Grandad, Case, Cassie, Mike, and Madie! We had such a nice, relaxing time!

This little guy was READY to hit the beach!

Playing in the sand and water with Grandad (Thanks Cassie for all the cool beach toys!)

Serious conversations with MiMi

Jumping the waves with Case

Shooting everyone with the watergun

Watching sweet Madie explore the beach for the first time (We didn't get any pics of Cooper and Madie together at the beach. We just couldn't get their nap schedules coordinated. Maybe next year!)

Taking a little drive along the beach in an Aggie car (he picked this car over all the others...I PROMISE!) He's such a fast learner. :)

Playing hide and seek with Daddy inside of a giant shark

Hugging this little princess while waiting for the fishing boats

Life doesn't get much better than this!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Beach Vacation (Part 1)

(Warning: Picture overload may occur during the next few posts!)

This past week we went on our annual beach vacation to Port Aransas. This year we decided to stop and spend a few days exploring Corpus Christi and spending some time together as a family. What a treat it was to spend these days with my two favorite guys!

Cooper getting an upclose look at the ocean!

We spent one day at the Texas State Aquarium and had a great time!

Cooper got to touch a starfish, crab, stingray, and some sea shells.

The aquarium also had this really nice sand area and spray park. It was perfect for Cooper!

All was going well with the spray park until this very second. HA!

The next day we decided to check out the museum. We definitely didn't allow enough time for this adventure. It was much better than we expected. But, Cooper enjoyed his time there for sure.

A little fishing lesson from Daddy.

Cooper loved this house because he could climb up, ring the doorbell, and turn on the lights by himself.

Cooper also got to play his first round at one of our favorite Putt-Putt places. He quickly learned it was a whole lot easier just to pick the ball up and put it in the hole. I would have to agree with his theory!

And, one of the best parts of vacation...ICECREAM! Cooper helped himself to Daddy's as well as his own. :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Fun Times With Daddy!

Washing Daddy's Truck

"Helping" Daddy with payroll

Licking the envelopes just like Daddy. (I think he's actually licking the checks, but he tried!)

Storytime and Spray Park

Today Cooper and I met some friends at Barnes and Noble storytime and then headed over to the spray park!

Cooper was such a good listener and loved the books. He also got to color a picture after the story!

He was not a big fan of the spray park. He did venture out into the water a few times, but mostly preferred just watching the other kids. We still enjoyed time with friends!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day

A little swimming and fishing on Memorial Day!