Sunday, February 21, 2016


Two of the the kids favorite Christmas traditions: Gingerbread houses and Christmas cookies!

Christmas at Home

This year we decided to try something new and celebrate Christmas (Santa and all) at home and a little early with just our family.  It was fantastic (minus the fact that Chad was a sick with a bad virus for part of the time)!  There is just something special about spending time with your core family.  Love my people!
 Getting ready for Santa!

 Reindeer food!


A basketball goal!

One of the nice things about celebrating at home is that we were able to spend the day playing and trying out all our new fun toys!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

School Celebrations

Pajamas and pancakes in Hadley's class!

Hadley ready for her very first Christmas program!  She did great and smiled the whole time!

Cooper had a super fun party, but I was busy helping in the cookie station and didn't get to take pics.
Cooper had an extra special visit from his favorite baseball player, Ronnie Gideon!
Hadley's ornament exchange at dance!


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Lights of Tejas

This year we decided to try something new and visit Lights of Tejas in Giddings.  We went and stayed the night at our land and had the best time.  There was so much to do and not very crowded.  The activities were perfect for our family and the weather was great!  

Swinging on the giant swings!
Both kids tried the zipline and were so brave.  Hadley got a little scared but loved it afterward.

Decorating a cupcake for Jesus' birthday party!
Hayride to look at lights
Candy cane forest
Bounce houses!

They even ended the night with a fireworks show!  It was a perfect night!