Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hadley's 2 year stats

At 2 years old, Hadley weighs 26lbs 8oz and is 34.24 inches long and is full of pure joy.  Seriously, she is almost always happy.  She is so much fun to play with and talk to.  Everyone is always surprised by her large vocabulary and how clearly she speaks.  She definitely has a lot to say!

   She LOVES her babies and is always rocking, feeding, strolling or putting them to sleep.  She also loves to put them in her shopping cart, grab her purse, and "go shopping." (I have no idea where she might have learned this behavior! )
  She also loves all things Minnie Mouse and princess (especially Princess Sophia, Anna and Elsa from Frozen, and Ariel.)
  While she loves all things girly, she is not afraid to join in her brother's boy play too!  She loves her brother!  She can kick a soccer ball surprisingly well and loves to play baseball too!
  She loves to sing, dance, and color.  Her favorite song right now is the "ABC Song".  We are working on recognizing letters and she is doing really well. 
  We are working on potty training too.  I have a feeling she would pick it up a lot faster if Mom would get on board!
  Hadley loves to eat spaghetti, guacamole, tacos, corn on the cob, and yogurt.  She will eat most anything though! 

 This was Hadley at her 2 year well check.  She was cracking me up, because this is the face she would make any time they mentioned shots. HA!  She was a trooper and didn't even shed a tear.
Hadley you are a little mess and we LOVE it.  You are the perfect mix of sweetness and spunk.  You are such a blessing to our family.  We love you sweet Hadley girl! 

San Antonio Birthday Celebration

Chad had a meeting in San Antonio so we decided to go along and celebrate Hadley's birthday!  Fiesta was going on so there was a lot happening!  
We started with a trip to the Rainforest Café!

 Then we made a stop at the ice cream shop.

There was a cool parade on the river that night!
 The kids and I had a great time hanging out at the hotel and exploring the river while Chad was working.

 Cooper was very excited about the medal one of the Bellboys gave him.
When Daddy got back we took a tour of the Alamo.  Cooper was very interested in learning about everything.
A little fun on the mall playscape.  The kids always want to play at this little playplace.

Then it was finally Hadley's birthday!  She was thrilled!!! It started with a bang when the fire alarm in the hotel went off early that morning and we had to evacuate!  Good thing we are early risers. :)
 We began our day at the San Antonio Zoo.  We had a great time, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

 Hadley loved seeing this little duck family walking around.

 Time for a little water break.
We stopped for lunch at Joe's Crab shack.  Hadley got to have one of her favorites, corn on the cob and fish.
The staff sang to her and brought her ice cream and a princess bib.  She wasn't sure what was going on at first!
Once we got home, it was time for more presents!

 Showing off her new Minnie necklace
 Look at her go!
Such a fun time celebrating our sweet girl!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Oh Twoodles!

It's party day!!!!  We celebrated our sweet Hadley girl's 2nd birthday with a family Minnie Mouse themed party.  She couldn't have been more excited about her special day! In true Chambers child fashion, she slept about 2 hours the night before the party.  Thank goodness MiMi strolled her around the neighborhood for over an hour the morning of the party so she could get a nap in.  Thanks so much MiMi!  You saved the day!!!!
We started off with donuts (with icing and sprinkles of course!)
 Cooper was pretty happy about this part of her celebration too! After all, he has been a big brother for 2 years now and that is something to celebrate too!
 Before all the action!


Let the fun begin!!!

Kate had her hands full taking care of all the little ones at the party!

These two cousins had too much fun playing together!

Uncle Case stayed true to the theme and wore his Mickey Mouse ears the whole party.  Thanks Case! :)

Hadley LOVED every second of the birthday song.  In fact, she continued to sing in to herself for the next several days! :)

 She was so calm and polite while she opened presents.  She took her time and tried out each one.  So sweet!

Thanks to everyone for coming to celebrate with us!