Monday, September 28, 2009

3 Months!!!

Cooper is 3 months old today! At 3 months he likes to smile, listen to music, blow bubbles, go for walks in the stroller, and read stories. He also likes to "talk" and laugh with mommy and daddy!

First Football Game

This weekend we took Cooper to his first football game! (The first of many to come I'm sure!) Mimi had a garter made for him since it was Wylie's homecoming. It was so tiny! Everyone thought he was precious. Cooper really enjoyed being outside, looking at all the lights, and listening to all the sounds!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blowing Bubbles With Mommy

This is my favorite game to play with Cooper right now. When I make the bubble sound, he tries to blow bubbles too! So cute!

Playdate with Katelyn!

On Tuesday, Cooper and I had our second playdate with my friend Rachel and her daughter Katelyn! This time it went much better! (Last time we had some trouble coordinating nap/eating times and Cooper was very fussy.) This time he shared his toys and even smiled a few times! We had fun watching Katelyn crawl, a new skill since our last playdate!

Monday, September 14, 2009

West Texas Fair

This weekend we went to Abilene for the West Texas Fair! It was very rainy, but we were still able to go for a little while. My grandmother entered Cooper's picture and a poem in the Grandparent's Brag contest. (She did this for all her grandchildren and now does it for her great grandchildren!) Cooper won 2nd place! YEA! Thanks for all your hard work Mom Mom! Below is the entry and poem she wrote for Cooper.

This little guy is
cute as can be
Not worrying about a thing
as you can plainly see.

A tiny little angel
sent from above
He won our hearts
with his special kind of love.

His perfect little features -
little hands and toes.
Guess he is dreaming of
what his future holds.

We know he’s the smartest -
a scientist he may be!
His dad hopes he’s a baseball player -
Guess we’ll wait and see.
Whatever he becomes -
scientist, baseball player, or rodeo clown,
We know he’ll be the cutest,
smartest, and best all around!
Thanks Grandmommy and PaPa for a fun weekend!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Daddy's birthday and Swimming!

Yesterday was Chad's birthday. Cooper got a baseball bat and ball for him for his birthday. It won't be long before he is ready to play! Aunt Cassie came to keep Cooper while Chad and I went out to dinner. It was so nice!

We also celebrated Chad's birthday by taking Cooper for his first swim. This is his super cute pool! It even has its own shade!

At first Cooper wasn't so sure....

But then he decided that swimming was really fun!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Doctor Visit and San Antonio

On Thursday, Cooper went for his 2 month doctor's visit. This is the before picture. He did really well while the doctor weighed, measured, and checked him out. He weighed 12 lbs and was 22 1/2 inches long! He is right on schedule for a healthy baby! He had to get 3 shots that had a combination of immunizations in each shot. He cried for just a minute then went straight to sleep. He slept most of the day but tolerated it all very well!

This weekend we met Grandad, MiMi, and Uncle Case in San Antonio. These are the Chambers' men at the horse races. Cooper finally got to wear his horse overalls! We had a rough time at the races since it was late, time to eat, and raining! Thankfully MiMi walked him around in the stroller so that he could sleep. Every time the bugle played he would open his eyes really wide and stretch out his body. We think he might be the musical one in the family! :)

We couldn't leave San Antonio without finding a coonskin cap for Cooper! His daddy used to love wearing these hats when he was a little boy! While in San Antonio, we also walked around the river walk. MiMi took Cooper to the western store and danced with him to the country music. He LOVED this!

This was also Cooper's first hotel stay! We thought it went pretty well, but our neighbors might have a different opinion! :) While in the room, Cooper's favorite thing to do was sit in the boppy pillow on top of the big bed and look around at everything!