Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Festivals

This weekend was full of Fall Festival fun! On Friday, we went to  "Haunting at the Creek" at Pebble Creek.  Cooper was super excited to wear his costume for the first time.  He immediately took on the Jake and the Neverland Pirates personality.  Hadley was less than excited about her pumpkin tutu costume.  I must admit that the tutu is a little aggressive even for my taste! Ha!   

Cooper was very excited to see Willa and Waverley when we got there!

Sleeping Beauty a.k.a. Willa and Jake a.k.a. Cooper


And guess who else was there...Captain Hook! Good thing Jake remembered his sword!

Rapunzel a.k.a. as Waverley and Cooper decorating their bats.


They had this runway set up and the kids walked down it to be judged for the costume contest.  I thought there was no way Cooper would do it, but before I could look up, there he went sword drawn and all. 
Doesn't that hair crack you up?

This is what he looked like when he found out Ariel beat him.  Ha!  Just kidding.  I don't think he even knew he didn't win. :)
Hadley's turn!


On Sunday, we headed to the Fall Festival at our church.  This was the first event Chad and I attended when we first moved here last year.  Last year we didn't know a soul and had no idea what our life would be like here in College Station.    We were reminded this weekend of how blessed we have been to find such a wonderful church family filled with now close friends.  Can't believe how much our life has changed in just one year! 
Chad and I worked the ring toss booth for awhile so Cooper got a lot of practice!


 This was Cooper's favorite thing.  It was a giant sling shot that shot baseballs. 
Little pumpkin and Daddy waiting on the train.
We had such a fun weekend, and were even blessed with some wonderful fall weather!  Next up...trick or treating!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Half Birthday Hadley!

It is almost unfathomable that our sweet Hadley is 6 months old! Seriously, how did this happen so quickly.
At 6 months old, Hadley is 27 inches long and weighs 17lbs 3oz. She has four 6-7oz bottles and one meal of fruits and veggies(we are about to add one more meal of solids) per day. She has tried, rice cereal, avocado, bananas, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pears, and apples. Suprisingly, she hates the pears and apples unless they are mixed with something else. Her first tooth just pushed through! She loves to feel it with her tongue. :) She has become a GREAT sleeper (after just 2 days of sleep training), and sleeps from about 7pm-6 or 6:30am. Yipee! She also takes three good naps!
She is a mover and a shaker and does not ever sit still! She even moves all over the place while sleeping. (see below) She loves to be on her tummy, and will roll there immediately almost every time we put her down. She has become very interested in her toys (and Cooper's). She tries to grab everything!
Hadley is such a happy girl! She has no problem communicating what she wants. She even has a special scream for when Cooper is bothering her. Ha! She is saying lots of dadada and mamama and bababa but of course with no meaning.

Tired girl after her well visit and 5 shots. (She never even cried, only a little whimper)

Crazy sleeper! Her arms and legs are almost always hanging out of the slats on her crib!
We love you sweet Hadley! Happy 1/2 birthday!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Fish and Football weekend with MiMi and Grandad

This weekend MiMi and Grandad came for a visit! 
   When they got here on Friday, Grandad and MiMi took Cooper to the little pond down the street and look what he caught!  None of us could believe he actually caught something.   He ususally only comes back with moss!  HA!  He was SO proud of his very first fish!

On Saturday, we took the kids up to campus for all the pregame festivities.  Hadley was tired and had this grumpy look on her face the entire time.  Everyone kept stopping to look and take pictures of her and this is the face they all got.  HA!  She may be a fashionista, but maybe she is not a social butterfly...yet!  Or maybe she just had her game face on!
Grandad found this horse at one of the tailgates.  Cooper loved it!  
Loving all the Aggie fun!
We tried to make it in time to watch the Aggie band march in, but these early games are too hard for us!  So, we had to settle for the LSU band instead. :/

Our attempt at a tailgating family pic.  Hadley almost didn't make it in the picture.  Ha!  It was crazy busy all around us.

MiMi and Grandad were so nice to take the kids home and entertain them while Chad and I enjoyed the game kid free!  It was so much fun even though we lost.  Thanks so much MiMi and Grandad!
Can't wait for you guys to come back again!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fun Fall Weekend

We had a great fall weekend!  On Friday evening we headed to the pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins!  Cooper had a great time and really liked the giant pumpkins!
He thought the ones with "warts" were hilarious!
Sweet boy!

We woke up Little Miss from her nap to snap a few pics.  As you can see, she was thrilled.  We could not get a smile out of her for anything.  Ha!

An attempt at a sibling pic...maybe next year!

On Saturday morning we headed to the Texas Red's Steak and Grape Festival in downtown Bryan.  We had a fun time.  They had a great KidZone with lots of games, bounce houses, slides, and crafts that Cooper loved!


Hadley was happy to just hang out in the stroller.

On Sunday after church, we decided to do some pumpkin decorating.  I just knew Cooper would be really into all the yuckiness of cleaning out the insides of a pumpkin.  But, I was WRONG!  We talked him into getting one handful and he quickly wanted his hand washed and was done.  So, once again, Chad and I enjoyed cleaning out and carving our pumpkin.   Ha!  Maybe Hadley will like to get her hands dirty.  Cooper stuck to decorating his little pumpkins with stickers. 

Daddy doing the dirty work.

Cooper did discover that decorating Daddy was alot more fun!
Hadley found all of this very entertaining!

What a fun weekend with my favorite people!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend in Lake Jackson

This weekend Chad headed to Ole Miss to watch the Ags play (and win!). So, the kids and I headed to Lake Jackson to watch Meghan and Kate play soccer!  We had so much fun!  Cooper was so interested in his first soccer games.  I think the girls taught him alot too!  I left my camera in the car so I didn't get very good action shots, but we were SO impressed with the girl's skills.  Scott coached both of their teams, and in both games ended up having to coach his team not to score in order to show the other teams some mercy.  Very impressive!

Cooper and Kate relaxing and having some snacks during Meghan's game

Hadley was a trooper during both games.  She even managed to sneak a nap in.
Meghan in action!

Kate coming to great her cheering section!

Cooper always loves playing with Meghan and Kate's toys. All their girly things are so new to him!

After a hot day at the soccer fields, the kids were excited to enjoy some pool time!  Scott made us some awesome food (as usual), and we watched football while the kids played.   The girls are always so helpful with Cooper and Hadley.  Sure is nice! It was a great evening!

Hadley relaxing poolside with Kristen

Kate and Hadley hanging out
Meghan and Hadley having some playtime

Cooper discovering the goodness of Scott's tacos and guacamole.  He ate more than I have ever seen him eat.  Ha!

Donuts for breakfast before heading home!

Thanks for a great weekend Schwertner clan!  We loved every minute, and can't wait to do it again!