Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More Family Fun

Last week the kids and I spent a few days in Abilene.  Grandmommy rode back with us to College Station to take her shift helping out with baby Jackson.  Then, we had a short visit with the Schwertners! We are loving all this family time!
First on the agenda, a trip to the park and a visit with the prairie dogs!  The kids really enjoyed watching them this time. 
We also enjoyed a fun visit with Mom Mom and PaPa Martin!

Next, we met MiMi and Grandad at the zoo! We had such a fun time seeing the animals and enjoying the great weather!  Cooper was really into reading the map.  He took us all over the zoo and in no particular order. ;)

MiMi and Hadley checking out the birds

Cooper was reunited with his favorite monkey

Grandad and Hadley watching the lions!

Then, we headed to Mr.Gatti's with PaPa and Grandmommy. 

 Back in College Station we had a little more time with baby Jackson!

Cooper was so proud to get to hold his new cousin!

Grandmommy made sure Hadley still got plenty of attention. :)
Kate, Kristen, and Jackson

Jackson was wide awake and taking in all the action!

All 5 couins! I foresee many more of these pictures in the future!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Baby Jackson and Alabama Weekend

Last weekend was a big weekend in College Station.  There were tons of people here for the Alabama game, and there was a lot of excitement in the air.  Grandmommy and PaPa came to keep the kids so that Chad and I could go to the game.  
On Saturday morning, we got the news that Courtney was in labor!  She and Kent had headed to the hospital early that morning.    Baby Jackson must have been excited about the Aggie game too, because he entered the world just in time for kick off!  He came to the world weighing 7lbs 1oz and was 19 inches long.  He is perfect and healthy! We are so excited about the sweet new addition to our family! Congratulations Kent and Courtney!  
Grandmommy and PaPa were so nice to take the kids to the hospital with them while we were at the game.
Cooper and Hadley waiting for baby Jackson!
The proud new Mommy and Daddy!

Sweetest little face

His feet and hands are impressive!  He is going to be a big boy!

Checking out the first boy cousin!  Oh, what these two will teach you sweet Jackson. ;)

Dad and I went to Midnight Yell Friday night!  It was the biggest Yell Practice ever!  We were so glad to be a part of history.  So much fun!
 The game was packed!  It was a great game, even though we didn't pull off the win.
Definitely a weekend full of memories!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chad's Birthday Weekend

Weekend before last, MiMi and Grandad came in to celebrate Daddy's birthday and go to the Aggie game!  We had a great weekend!
Enjoying Daddy's birthday banana pudding!

Ready for the game!
 Waiting for the Aggie band
 Playing a little ladderball

 My favorite little Aggies

 We had a fun lunch at Fuddruckers before MiMi and Grandad headed home.  Thanks for coming!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

First day of Pre K

 Cooper started Pre-K this week. He is still at our church where he did Mother's Day Out.  He just moved up to the Pre-K side.  He will be going three days a week for 3 1/2 hours each time.  We are so blessed that he has the sweetest teachers and is in the same class with some of his buddies from MDO.  He was super excited to head to big school!

This little one had to get in on the action too! :)
Ready to go in his classroom!  I was so proud at how confident he was walking in!  Not a single tear or hesitation!  So proud of this sweet boy!
Cooper had a fabulous first day.  When I picked him up, he said, "Hi Mom, I had a VERY great day!"   I'm not going to lie...I was ready to pick him up.  In fact, I had to wait in the parking lot for 30 minutes before going in because I was so early. ;)

Game Day!

Last weekend was the first of many Aggie football weekends this fall!  I love summer, but I love living in College Station during football season too! 
We kicked off the weekend with yummy donuts from Shipley's (an important Aggie tradition)!

Cooper loves donut holes!

Hadley had her first taste of donut and thought it was pretty delicious!

Next, we headed up to campus to help daddy secure his tailgating spot!

 On Saturday, we headed up to campus to watch the band and see all the excitement.  It was super HOT, but lots of fun.  Can't you see the excitement on Hadley's face?  I tried a million times, but could not get a picture with both of them looking. 

Daddy and Coop having a snack while waiting for the band to march in

Cooper loved this Aggie tractor!
 While Chad sweated it out at the game, the kids and I headed to a birthday party.  They had a great time and played hard.  We made it home just in time for naptime and the second half!  Perfect timing!
Cooper and two of his best buddies from school and church