Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hadley is 4 months old!

Our sweet hadley Claire is 4 months old.  She is just a precious doll.  We are having so much fun with her sweet laughs and smiles.  Love getting a peek at her little personality!
  At 4 months, Hadley is smiling and laughing out loud.  She blows bubbles and tries to imitate our sounds.  I love that it seems she is talking through those big blue eyes.  Her upper body is getting much stronger, and she loves to sit in her Bumbo so she can see what is going on.  She has devloped her loud scream, and is sure to let us know if she is not the center of attention. (which isn't very often)  We have regressed a little in the sleep department lately.  I'm hoping it is only due to the little cold she has had.  Hopefully we will return to sleep filled nights very soon!  She has still not rolled over, and seems quite content laying on her tummy or back or wherever we put her.  No rushing for movement from me either!  She can grasp objects with one or two hands, and almost always puts them in her mouth.  She loves to chew on her hands, but is not really very fond of the paci. 
  Hadley weighs 15lbs 6oz (85th percentile) and is 25.75 inches long (95th percentile)!  She is a big girl! 

I had to include this picture. I just think her little eyes are so sweet even with the drool dripping off her chin. HA!

Big girl in her Bumbo. 
Pretty sure I could listen to this sweet laugh all day long!
We love you sweet Hadley!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Grapevine Fun

   This week Chad had a meeting in the metroplex, so we tagged along for some fun in Grapevine.  While he was at his meeting, the kids and I headed over to the Grapevine Mills mall.  I'm pretty sure we did everything there was to do for fun there (except Legoland, but I don't think we are quite ready for that). 
First stop, the Sea Life Aquarium!  Cooper and I had a great time seeing all the animals.  (Hadley slept the entire time.  Guess she was making up for the night before!)

Taking the Shark walk!!!

Next, we rode the little train around the mall.  It was so much fun!  Cooper was very proud of his ticket.
We had lots of time to ride EVERY single little ride in the middle of the mall.  We even found the long lost ice cream truck that used to be in our mall! 
After Daddy came to pick us up, we headed to Bass Pro Shop to check out all the animals and take a few boats for a test drive!
   This was Hadley's first hotel stay, and I wouldn't say the nights were very successful.  But we had fun anyway!  Before we headed home on Saturday, we stopped by to see Cassie, Madie, and Marlie. Cooper loved getting to play with his cousins, and we enjoyed the visit too!

It was an exhausting fun trip!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A week with Grandmommy!

This week Grandmommy and PaPa came to help Kent and Courtney move to College Station.  We were so glad they came to stay with us for a few days. I didn't do a very good job of remembering to take pictures.  
Seriously, look how much Cooper and Hadley look alike in this picture?!?!

Cooper loved helping PaPa and Kent work in the yard.  He wanted to go every day.  I think he even got to cut a couple of branches himself.  What a hard worker!
While they were here, Chad found out he was going to have to be gone the rest of the week for work.  We talked Grandmommy in to staying for the whole week!  We had such a fun time.  I was soooooo thankful for the help.  She is like superwoman.  She somehow managed to clean my house, do my laundry, and play with and take care of my kids.  I enjoyed getting to run some errands and even spend an evening with friends.  Thanks Mom!  We already miss you!
Cooper ready for a movie night with Grandmommy, Mommy, and Hadley!
Cooper ready to play some volleyball.  He was really inspired by the olympics.  HA!
Hadley ready to do some shopping!

Monday, August 6, 2012

First Friday

This weekend MiMi and Grandad came for a visit!  We had such a fun time.  On Friday evening, we headed to downtown Bryan for First Friday.  We had a great time listening to the bands, shopping, and just exploring downtown. 

Hadley modeling her new shades from MiMi and Grandad

MiMi and Cooper strolling

I definitely think Cooper shares Grandad's love for live music!  I think they both could have stayed there all night.

This little sweetie enjoyed it all too!  She was a perfect angel!

Grandad and Cooper had to stop for an ice cream break.

MiMi and Hadley enjoying some AC
On Saturday, the girls spent the day shopping!  Hadley was ready to hit the stores! The boys went to a cattle sale and McDonalds for lunch.
On Saturday evening, MiMi and Grandad watched the kids while Chad and I had a night out.  We enjoyed an amazing dinner at The Republic (thanks Schwertners!). 

Hadley had so much fun with MiMi and Grandad she couldn't stay awake while MiMi fixed her bottle.  HA!


We had such a fun weekend!  Can't wait to do it again MiMi and Grandad!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Beach Trip as a Family of 4!

Last week we decided to take an impromptu vacation to Galveston!  We had planned to skip the beach or any other vacations this year, but Chad had a little break at work and we were both ready for some time away with just our family.  So we packed up 99% of our house (the 1% we left at home included our camera, so Iphone pics it is!) and hit the road.  These two traveled like champs.  We are loving that the beach is so close to College Station! 

On the way there we stopped at the Kemah boardwalk for lunch.  We loved it, but will definitely have to go back when it is not so hot.  Cooper loved watching all the boats coming in and out of the marina while we ate. 

They had this awesome two story carousel that overlooked the ocean!
Feeding the fish/seagulls.

Ready for our first day at the beach!

Hadley had her own little private cabana and was as happy as could be.  She took great naps and just hung out in the shade.  My kind of beach living!

Having a little snack.  Cooper was so excited about all the "special" snacks we got for our trip. It has taken us awhile to get him back to our normal, more healthy way of eating!

Cooper and Daddy playing in the waves!

Our condo had this awesome pool that overlooked the ocean.  They also had shaded cabanas so Hadley and I could enjoy too!  We even had dinner down there one night.

One afternoon we decided to head over for a ferry ride.  We had heard it was a great place to see dolphins.  We love to see dolphins and ride the ferry so it was a win win...or so we thought.  Cooper and Chad went up to the observation deck for the ride then went to the front of the ferry.  They thought it was so funny that the waves were splashing them.  They were both soaked!  We saw a ton of dolphins right by the boat.  It was great until Chad got back in the car (that Hadley and I had been sitting in with the air conditioner on but not the engine.)  Yes, that's right.  The battery was dead, and we were the very first car on the ferry.  Long story short, they used a machine to push us off the ferry and to the side of the road until someone could come and jump us.  So embarrassing!!!!  Thank goodness a nice lady stopped and helped us quickly and we were on our way again.  That will definitely be a memory!

We were so excited to meet up with our friends The Wests, who also happened to be vacationing in Galveston at the same time!  We had a great dinner at Fish Tales and also enjoyed some ice cream afterwards!  After dinner the kids had a fun time riding a few rides at Pleasure Pier. 


Willa, Waverley, and Cooper

Cooper hanging out and watching cartoons in the condo.

 Silly boy!

 Before heading home, we stopped by The Strand for lunch.

So thankful to get to spend this time with my family.  We made so many memories!  What a treasured time!