Monday, August 30, 2010

14 Months Old

Cooper turned 14 months old this weekend! He has become such a big boy!
At 14 months Cooper loves to "help", play outside, play chase, throw balls, go to the park, read books, "cook", and climb! He also loves anything Elmo, animals (especially dogs), airplanes, and birds. He is a happy boy most of the time!
Cooper's favorite foods are oranges and watermelon. He has also become a fan of any kind of bread!
He recently added the words "mop", "bump", "Case", and "CaCa"(Cassie) to his expressive vocabulary. He has also learned to make the snake, horse and turkey sounds.
Cooper has 10 teeth. He can point to his ears and belly button. He also enjoys finding everyone else's belly button!:)
What does next month have in store for us? Who knows?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

On the Road Again

This past week, Cooper and I headed back to Abilene to stay with my Grandpa while he recovered from surgery. Here are a few pics from our week!
During this Abilene visit Cooper made his favorite activities very clear! For some reason he REALLY enjoyed Grandmommy and PaPa's mop and of course the wagon. At MiMi and Grandad's it was impossible to take his attention off of the dog. Luckily, the Grands are always more than willing to entertain Cooper with whatever he desires! :)

Cooper also got to visit a different park and the famous Abilene prairie dog habitat! I used to visit both of these as a little girl and was amazed at how little they had changed.

These prairie dogs seemed to be posing for a picture.

Friday Night Football

Last night, we took Cooper over to the Mansfield stadium by our house to watch some high school football. While Chad and I were once again disappointed by the lack of similarities to high school football in West Texas, Cooper more than enjoyed his experience!

First he welcomed all the fans with a friendly smile and wave.

Then he watched the game VERY intently!

When his legs got tired, he sat on his knees and had a little drink.

And, like every good fan... he did his share of cheering for his team (and the other team too!).

He loved watching the panther, and even got to bang on the trash can lid. He was also given his very own ball!

What a fun night!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Visit from the McQuittys

Last weekend, Cassie, Mike, and Madie came over for dinner and to watch the Cowboy game. We had so much fun!

Madie and Cooper ready for the game. (Yes, Madie even has a Dallas Cowboy's bow)

Madie showing off her eating skills.

Cooper decided to try out Madie's bumbo. He thought it was great, until... he tried to stand up! HA!

All partied out!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Busy Bee

Cooper is such a busy little bee! This week he has really gotten into "helping" me with everything. He loves to do the laundry, put things in the trash can, make the bed, put his toys in his toy baskets, and put the pillows on the couch (after he takes them off of course!). I can see he is going to be a hard worker just like his daddy.

This is a video of Cooper putting the clothes in the dryer.

So tired after a long day's work...and no morning nap!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend in Abilene

This weekend we went to Abilene to spend some time while Chad worked. We had such a nice relaxing time!
Cooper had so much fun on his wagon rides with PaPa! He kept walking to the door wanting to go out again. Unforunately, it was too hot to spend much time outside.

Cooper also went for a swim in PaPa and Grandmommy's little pool. He had fun scooping up the water and walking around!

We made a stop by Mom Mom and PaPa Martin's house too! Cooper had fun playing with the tractors and ball!

We got to have a short visit with MiMi and Grandad and PaPa Foster too! (I forgot to take pictures.) Grandad gave Cooper his first taste of lemon and lime. He loved them and kept wanting more! HA!
Cooper was fascinated by PaPa Foster's fan. Grandmommy had to keep lifting him up to touch the string that turns the light on and off.
What a fun weekend! Can't wait to come back and visit soon!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

13 Months and Music in Motion

Cooper turned 13 months old on Saturday!

At 13 months Cooper likes to walk, walk, walk! He also loves playing with bowls, spoons, and pots and pans from the kitchen cabinets. He loves to read books, play ball, swing at the park, play his drum, put things in containers and take them out again, wave at everything, and be around other kids.
He sleeps about 11 hours every night and takes 2 naps during the day. He is still a great eater. His favorite foods include blueberries, strawberries, chicken, yogurt, and graham crackers.
He can build a 2 block tower, wave at EVERYTHING, give hugs and kisses, and give high 5! He can say the cow, sheep, fish, and elephant sounds. He can say "bye-bye, dada, mama, dog, bear & deer (the animals hanging on his wall), book, bath, and PaPa(as of this morning!).

I recently joined the Mansfield Christian Moms and Kids Group. Cooper and I attended our first playdate at First Baptist Mansfield this week. The class was called Music in Motion. Cooper had a blast and I really enjoyed getting to know some other moms!

Cooper clapping to the music

Cooper under the parachute

Cooper's favorite activity of the day...Snowball Golf!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Port Aransas

This past week we took Cooper to Port Aransas for the first time! Port Aransas is a very special place to Chad's family and now to me as well. Chad went there a lot growing up and has many childhood memories from his vacations. Port Aransas is also the place where Chad proposed to me! We were so excited to take Cooper. MiMi,Grandad, and Case were already there. Cooper was so excited to see them! After enduring the Loooooonnnnnnngggggg drive, we had a great time!

Cooper's First Ferry Boat Ride!

Snacking on the Beach

Family Pic

Cooper loved watching the birds! We saw lots of pelicans from our balcony and Cooper was so excited! He just kept waving and waving!
Feeding the Sea Gulls with Grandad

Playing in the Ocean with MiMi

Uncle Case

Cooper "driving" the golf cart

Chad and I in the golf cart on our night out! (Thanks MiMi and Grandad!)

Cooper's First Trip to the Candy Store (My favorite place in Port A!)

Cooper spent almost all of his beach time playing in the sand. He would put seaweed, water, sand, and shells in his bucket and just stir and stir with his shovel. Then he would dump it all out and start again. He did not like to be disturbed during his work either!