Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend in Abilene

This weekend we went to Abilene to spend some time while Chad worked. We had such a nice relaxing time!
Cooper had so much fun on his wagon rides with PaPa! He kept walking to the door wanting to go out again. Unforunately, it was too hot to spend much time outside.

Cooper also went for a swim in PaPa and Grandmommy's little pool. He had fun scooping up the water and walking around!

We made a stop by Mom Mom and PaPa Martin's house too! Cooper had fun playing with the tractors and ball!

We got to have a short visit with MiMi and Grandad and PaPa Foster too! (I forgot to take pictures.) Grandad gave Cooper his first taste of lemon and lime. He loved them and kept wanting more! HA!
Cooper was fascinated by PaPa Foster's fan. Grandmommy had to keep lifting him up to touch the string that turns the light on and off.
What a fun weekend! Can't wait to come back and visit soon!

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  1. Trips to Abilene are the best! Cooper is so cute in the wagon. Pure joy!