Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All Moved In!

We are finally all moved in to our new home! We are LOVING it so far, and are so glad to be settled! Here are some pics of Cooper's new room and Hadley's finished nursery!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break

Even though every day is pretty much Spring Break around here... we still had a fun and special week.
The week started with a visit from MiMi and Grandad! Unfortunately, our outdoor baseball plans were put to a halt due to the cold weather and rain. Chad and Grandad braved the weather while MiMi, Cooper, and I had lots of play time. It didn't seem to bother Cooper. He loved having his grandparents undivided attention! We even had time for a stop for ice cream!

Later in the week, Grandmommy and PaPa came to see us! They worked just about the entire time they were here to help get us all packed for the move. Cooper and PaPa repainted all our shelves for the playroom. (This is how PaPa spent his birthday.) Cooper thought it was pretty cool to get to wear PaPa's shirt. Thanks so much for all your help!

Next up, was a visit from the Schwertners! Cooper was super excited to have his cousins in town! They played and played! We managed to make it to an Aggie baseball game and girls basketball game!
St.Patrick's Day lunch
Cheering on the Lady Aggies!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hadley's Shower

This week some of my friends had a little dinner shower for me at Carinos. We had so much fun talking, eating, and celebrating sweet Hadley! I have such creative and crafty friends and got some VERY cute girly things. I am so blessed to have found such thoughtful friends with such kind hearts!
They even had these cute cupcakes that match Hadley's nursery!
So much fun!!!