Sunday, February 20, 2011


This week we took Cooper on his first trip to Aggieland! We had so many plans and things we wanted to show him. Unfortunately, the first day we were there, Chad got sick with a stomach virus. As soon as he was feeling better, Cooper got an ear infection. Needless to say, our trip did not turn out as planned. We did manage to take Cooper to his first Aggie baseball game though. He had a great time, and really liked watching all the fans. Luckily, there will be MANY more positive experiences in Aggieland in his future.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Climbing and Sliding

All this warm weather is sure getting us ready for spring and summer! Cooper has had a blast playing outside the last couple of days.

Climbing and sliding!

Cooper hitting his baseball off his tee. (I think Daddy still has some work to do with batting stance and grip, but at least we are making contact! HA!)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Party, Party, Party!

After enjoying a short visit from MiMi and Grandad(which Cooper was VERY excited about), we continued on to a fun weekend of partying!

MiMi being such a good sport and doing watever Cooper wanted her to do!

On Friday, our playgroup had a Valentine's party!

We made Valentine bags and exchanged Valentine cards with our friends,

Ate some yummy snacks,

Played with friends,

and even made a special Valentine for Daddy!

On Saturday, we went to Katelyn's Elmo themed birthday party!
The beautiful birthday girl!
The kids enjoyed playing outside,
playing with playdoh,
and decorating cupcakes! Yummy!
Happy 2nd birthday Katelyn!

Friday, February 4, 2011

On the Fourth Day...

On the first, second, and third days of being iced in we played with every toy Cooper owns,

built a fire,


made Valentines,

tried out a little bowling (baseball style),

made pudding,

tasted it,

painted with it,

and finally just licked it!

But then on the fourth day... IT SNOWED...ALOT!!! We had soooo much fun!

Daddy testing out our first unsuccessful attempt at a "sled".

2nd attempt- no sled


Mommy and Cooper giving it a try!
Learning how to make a snowball!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

19 Months Old

Cooper is 19 months old! I can't believe we are already starting to plan his 2nd birthday party!!!

At 19 months Cooper likes to play, play, play! He is always busy doing something. He loves his kitchen and cleaning tools, his power wheels fire truck, and his tent/tunnel. He also enjoys playing with his tool bench, and still LOVES to read books. He is getting so good at naming objects in each book. He is learning new words every day. I love to hear him talk and learn. Some of his favorite words are "uh oh, no no, goat, bye bye, llama, up, lamp, cheese and cup". He can recognize the letters (C,O,P,E,R,T,S,I,Q,X,Z, and A) He can name the letters (C,O, and T).
Cooper has become a more picky eater, but still eats pretty well. His favorite foods are watermelon, guacamole, fruit bars, blueberries, sweet potato fries, and the bread from his daddy's sausage rolls.
Cooper brings his daddy and me such joy. We go to bed every night smiling and laughing about the funny things he does each day. We love you sweet little man!