Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hadley 3 Months Old

Hadley Claire is 3 months old!

   At 3 months Hadley is a happy, happy little girl.  She smiles, smiles, laughs, and smiles!  She rarely cries unless she is tired or hungry.  She sure makes it easy on us.  She is usually content to play on her tummy, watch everything going on from her nap nanny or bumbo, ride in her carseat or stroller, or just be held.  While she doesn't necessarily sleep through the night, she typically sleeps for 7-8 hours straight, wakes up to eat, then sleeps for 3 hours more.  This whole process starts around 7pm so she doesn't necessarily make it through the whole night, but it definitely works for me!  Right now she is having 2 bottles of soy formula a day.  She is tolerating it really well.   She is not rolling over yet, but is super close.  She rocks back and forth on her tummy.  Just hasn't quite made it over yet.  Hadley has great head control and can sit in her bumbo now for short periods of time.  She can also push up on both arms!  She is a "talking" machine.  I think she learns a new sound every day.  Love to hear her jabber!

Can you tell Cooper just walked in the room?

She was very interested in the ribbon on her outfit.  I have about 5 pictures just like this! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grands and Great Grands

This weekend we were so lucky to have the Grands (Grandmommy and PaPa) and Great Grands (Mom Mom and PaPa Martin) come visit!  We had a low key weekend with lots of playing, eating, and loving on babies.  We loved having all the company, and the kids were spoiled with attention! :)

PaPa Martin, Cooper, and Hadley enjoying a morning on the porch.

Cooper and Mom Mom playing with the snakes and dinosaurs.

PaPa and Cooper having a campout

Grandmommy and Cooper playing with some stickers



Hadley talking to Grandmommy and PaPa
Cooper showing PaPa Martin his "aquarium"
Just plain cuteness!

Thanks so much for coming!  We loved having you here!

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Week of Cousin Fun!

This past week we were so lucky to get to have the Schwertners visit for 5 days!  It was so nice to relax and catch up.  Seems like we never have time to do that when we are together! 
  For the first part of the week Meghan was at Soccer camp.  Cooper and Kate had a fun time playing together!

Visiting the puppies in the mall


Playing on the mall playground

Spending the morning at the park

We were sure glad when Meghan got to join the fun too!  Frozen Yogurt!

We all went bowling!  It was Cooper's first time and he loved it!
Showing off his stylish shoes.

Sweet cousins ready to bowl!


Cooper taking his turn!  He insisted on the orange ball of course!

Can you guess who won?  Kristen was a pro!

Hadley was a perfect angel the whole time we were there!

Painting fun!

Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate and pretty much ruined our daily swimming plans.  We did manage a short visit to the splash pad and one evening at the pool though.

The girls were such a big help taking care of Hadley and Cooper.  It was so nice to have some extra hands that were always willing to hold a baby. :)

Meghan even got Hadley to sleep!


Kate and Hadley

Thanks for such a fun time!  We loved having you here! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July!

We had a pretty low key Fourth of July this year.  It was a fun day spent with family and friends.  First off, we went to a little parade our neighborhood had.  It was mostly golf carts, dogs, bikes, scooters, and wagons, but there was a fire truck, ambulance and police car too.  It was fun seeing our friends go by.  Cooper loved it!




Later that afternoon some friends came over for some fajitas.  The kids had a great time swimming.  It was a nice relaxing evening. (except when we ran out of propane with meat on the grill! Ha!  Lesson learned!)  Happy Birthday America!

One more celebration

After the waterslide party, our families hung around for some more birthday fun.  No wonder Cooper kept asked me for days, "Is it still my birthday?"  And of course, the big boys couldn't wait to give the slide a try.  Luckily there were no injuries.  HA!
Uncle Case
Cooper and Daddy

Uncle Kent

A little pre-party playing with Madie!

These two cousins showed up in unplanned matching outfits!  Both their mamas must have really good taste. ;)
Uncle Kent made it all the way from Pennsylvania.  He got to meet Hadley and go to the party all in one trip!

The hit of the party was this bucking bull and cowboy from MiMi and Grandad.  What a perfect gift!
They also got him this new scooter.  He is already pretty good at it!

Having a snack at his fun new picnic table from Grandmommy and PaPa!  This will be perfect for the summer!

Trying out his new camping gear from the McQuitty's! So fun!

He hasn't been brave enough to try his roller skates from Kent and Courtney yet, but I bet it won't be long!
Thanks everyone for sharing this special weekend with us!  And a BIG thank you to Grandmommy and PaPa for all the help getting ready for the party!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Splash Party Fun

This year Cooper had a waterslide/splash party!  After sweating it out at the farm last year, we decided to make things a little more comfortable this time around!
The birthday boy ready to party!
We went for an easy lunch of pizza, chips, and watermelon.  We also had ice cream cone cupcakes, and ice cream with toppings!

Our bathing beauty in her fabulous swwimsit from MiMi
She even went for a short dip in the pool.  She seemed to really like it!
  We did blow out candles and sing "Happy Birthday".  But, in all the craziness we grabbed someone else's camera to take the pics.  Ha!  I will update with pics when we get them!

What a fun day!