Thursday, January 24, 2013

9 Months Old

Is it just me or are these month posts coming around a little too often. :)  Hadley Claire is 9 months old!  So hard to believe. 


At 9 months, Hadley is sitting, crawling, cruising, and can stand alone for several seconds at a time.  She is very inquisitive and independent.  She just crawls and explores ALL day long.  Hadley rarely cries, but boy can she scream.  She has this ear piercing squeal that she uses very often to express her needs.  She definitely gets her point across. (This is the main reason we have not been to many restaurants in awhile)  Ha!  Hadley can wave bye bye and occasionally says, "Bye Bye" too.  She LOVES pat a cake and peek a boo.  Hadley definitely loves being outside.  We have been enjoying this warm weather!  She cries when we go inside and stands at the back door trying to get out! :)

  Hadley has officially entered the world of finger foods.  This month we added cheese, yogurt, cheerios, and lots of fruits and veggies in the "finger food" version.  She is doing great with a sippy cup, and much prefers the kind with a straw.  We now have 2 bottom teeth and 2 teeth coming in on top!
This is how we know when her teeth are bothering her.  Ha

At her 9 month well check, Hadley weighed 19lbs 5oz(70th percentile) and was 28 inches long (60th percentile).  She checked out perfect! Although the doctor did say we better watch out for her because she is a stinker.  Ha!  She kept trying to take his stethescope off his neck and fought the nurse pretty hard (but didn't shed a tear) when she pricked her finger.  She has grown alot more blonde hair.  It cracks me up sticking out all over the place and not a curl in sight.  Looks like she is going to keep those big blue eyes like her brother.

Hadley's first wagon ride!  Can you tell she LOVED it?  Cooper thought it was pretty great to have a buddy too!

 Can't believe we are getting close to a year old!  Cherishing every minute...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Franklin Safari Park

Last weekend we headed over to the big town of Franklin to visit the Safari Park!  It was a little cloudy and rainy so we were the only ones there for awhile.  The animals were very hungry, and mostly followed our car around in a stampede.  We had ALOT of laughs and a great family day!

Cooper loved feeding all the animals!
This water buffalo was a little aggressive.  It stuck its head all the way in our car.  It was hilarious...from the passenger seat.
Hadley loved sitting in the front and seeing everything!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas in Abilene

On Sunday, we packed up and headed to Abilene for some more Christmas fun!  On Christmas Eve we got to open presents.  Hadley was really happy about the wrapping paper!

Sir Edward had a snowball fight with Madie and Marlie's elf, Penny!  Somehow all the snowballs disappeared once the kids woke up... guess they melted.
You never know what kind of fun you might have at MiMi and Grandad's!  Ha!

Madie and Hadley having fun in MiMi's baskets.  Click HERE to see a pic of Cooper in the exact same basket at the exact same age!
Someday we will get a picture of all four looking the same direction...but, this was not the day.  Ha!
Cooper's cookies, milk, and letter to Santa
Putting out reindeer food in style
Tracking Santa on the IPad
Santa came!!!

We even got snow on Christmas!
 Thanks Chambers' for all the Christmas fun! We also got to spend some time with the Fosters and Martins while we were in Abilene.  Sadly, I forgot to take pictures. :(  We are so blessed with such wonderful families!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas in College Station

This year we were lucky to get to host the Foster Christmas in College Station!  We had such a fun time having everyone here!
 Sir Edward got to have Meghan and Kate's elf come to visit too!

Kate excited about her gift!  This girl could not wait to open some presents!

 Hadley was proud of her chair from Grandmommy and PaPa!

You know there are alot of presents when you work up a sweat! HA!

Hadley LOVES Meghan!

Grandmommy and PaPa got Cooper this awesome Gator!  He is going to LOVE this!

Taking it for a spin!

Grandmommy braved making cookies for Santa with all three big grandkids.  Bless her!

Grandmommy and PaPa got all the kids these headlamps.  Can you guess who never took their's off?
On Saturday evening, we all headed to Santa's Wonderland.  It was beautiful weather.  We enjoyed snow, a petting zoo, pony rides, hot chocolate, and a hayride through some awesome Christmas lights!

It's snowing in College Station???
Cooper's first hot chocolate

Hadley watching the big kids ride the ponies.

Cooper wanted to be sure he rode the biggest, fastest pony. 
Kent and Courtney
Cooper checking out the light tunnel
Ready for the hayride!  Hadley loved it!  She kept squealing and clapping the entire time.
Grandmommy and PaPa :)

When we got home, the guys took the big kids on an "adventure" with their headlamps on.  We will just leave it at that. ;)



Thanks everyone for a great weekend!