Monday, March 28, 2011

Saturday at the Stockyards

This past Saturday we decided to get out and enjoy the nice weather at the Ft.Worth Stockyards! Cooper really enjoyed looking at all the animals and activity!

Cooper feeding the goats

Watching the cattle drive

A clown even made Cooper a balloon dog on a leash! (The leash lasted less than 30 seconds, but that's ok, Cooper was happy with just his dog!)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Bye-Bye Paci" and Colors

Many of you know I have been wanting to break Cooper of his pacifier habit for awhile now. (like since he was born!) He mostly used his paci only during sleep time, so that was really all we had to work through. I had read, researched, and interviewed trying to figure out the best way to attempt this task. I kept putting it off and putting it off because the thought of messing with his sleep schedule was so frightening to me! After all, he doesn't have such a great sleep history, and it has been so easy lately.
But...when he woke up from his nap on Monday and there was a huge hole in his paci, I couldn't help but give it a try. So, I showed him the hole and said, "Oh no, your paci is broken it might hurt Cooper. We have to throw it in the trash." I tried to convince him to throw it away, but I quickly saw that was NOT ever going to happen. So, I put it in the trash can and we said, "Bye-bye Paci!" While he was unsure about this, there were no tears at all. He just kept saying, "Uh-oh, bye-bye." I was REALLY nervous about bedtime. But to my surprise, he went right to sleep with only a whimper! Nap time the next day was not so successful, but I'm happy to say we are three nights down with no tears. And, he went right down for his nap today as well! Yea! I'm so proud of my big boy!

Since I can't do a post without pictures... here is a little video of Cooper identifying his colors. He for sure does not get them right 100% of the time, but he is doing pretty well!

Little Gym

This morning we went to a class at the Little Gym with our playgroup. We had so much fun! Cooper LOVED it!

Cooper really loved shaking the bells and singing the songs. He did such a good job listening to Ms. Robyn too!

There were so many places to climb and jump. The kids got to play with balls, bubbles, foam noodles, a parachute, and a giant trampoline. It was toddler heaven!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break with Cousins!

This week the Schwertners spent their spring break in DFW. We were so glad to get to spend time with them. We got to have Meghan and Kate spend the night on Sunday night and spend the day with us Monday! We went to Abbey's Playtown, McDonalds, and introduced them to FroYo (Frozen Yogurt) at Purple Berri!

Then, we got to meet up with Kristen and the girls at the Ft.Worth Zoo on Friday! It was so great to see them. Cooper especially loved having his cousins around!
Kate, Cooper, and Meghan

Kristen and Cooper waving at the monkeys

Checking out the gorillas!

Can't wait to see you guys again soon!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Today we celebrated St.Patrick's day with our playgroup!

We ate green snacks. (Cooper had guacamole, green grapes, and pear bread! Yum!

We also sponge painted a shamrock and made a green discovery bottle! Fun!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dallas Zoo

On Saturday, we took our first visit to the Dallas Zoo. It was such a nice day, and the zoo wasn't crowded at all. We had a great time!

Watching the Gorillas

Cooper and Daddy checking out the elephants.

Getting ready for the monorail ride. Cooper LOVED this! It was so neat to get to see the animals up close!

Cooper loved this jeep. He kept saying, "Truck! Truck!"

I think Cooper liked all the animal statues just as much as the real animals! He wanted to ride on every single one.

Can't wait to go back again soon!

A Short Visit from MiMi and a big playdate!

Last week, MiMi stopped by for a short visit. Cooper was so happy to see her, and loved playing with her!

On Friday, we hosted the "Letter of the Month" playdate for our playgroup. We did "R is for Rainbows" and made rainbow fruit kabobs and watercolored rainbows. There were over 30 people here! It was very crazy, but so much fun! Cooper did a great job sharing his toys with his friends.

Here is Cooper's rainbow painting.

I tried to get him to make a fruit kabob, but he just looked at me like I was crazy and just wanted to eat it!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Family Fun!

This weekend, Grandmommy, PaPa, and Uncle Kent came for a visit. It was so great to see them. (especially Kent, since he lives all the way in Pennsylvania!) Cooper was quite the entertainer as always. (He was obviously not very cooperative for this photo shoot. Ha!)

20 Months

Cooper is 20 months old!

At 20 months old, Cooper has a new love for his sunglasses. He wants to wear them all the time! He lifts them up above his eyes and just laughs and laughs. He has really started to talk alot more. It is so nice that he is able to communicate his needs more clearly. He is really good at saying, "YES!" He has added so many new words that I have lost count. He is always doing, exploring, or discovering something new. What a fun age!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Family Fun!

This week has been full of fun family visits! Cooper gets so excited every time he hears the doorbell! I know his little mind is just thinking "Whoohoo a new playmate!"

Saturday, Madie and Aunt Cassie came for a playdate with Chad and Cooper while I was at the Ladies Retreat at our church. Madie even provided a picnic!

That night, we went to Cassie and Mike's house in Keller for some awesome burgers! What a treat to get to see them twice in one day! Cooper had a great time exploring all of Madie's toys. He even convinced Aunt Cassie to join him in the castle tent.

Cooper loves his sweet cousin Madie!

On Monday, we had a special visit from Cooper's great-grandparents, Mom Mom and Pa Pa Martin! It was so special to have them come stay the night with us. It is not very often we get to have them all to ourselves! (They have a very busy schedule!)

They brought Cooper this super fun slinky!

They were more than willing to comply with all of Cooper's demands. They spent most of their time sitting on the floor in front of his kitchen while he cooked for them. He was very sad to see them go.

On Wednesday, we got a surprise visit from Grandad! Cooper had so much fun spending the morning playing with him. He even got to sit in his big truck!
Thanks everyone for coming to visit! Next up...Grandmommy, PaPa, and Uncle Kent this weekend! Can't wait!