Monday, July 4, 2016

Last Baseball Game

So proud of Cooper and the Timber Rattlers!  They had a great season!


Summer Kick off in Port A

As soon as school was out, we packed up and headed to Port Aransas to kick off summer!

Such a fun trip! 

End of Year Programs

Both kids had end of the year programs to celebrate their year!  So proud of all they have learned!

Field Trips, Field day, and Messy Fun Day

The end of the school year brought lots of fun activities for the kids!  Cooper's class had field trips to the Oil Ranch and the community swimming pool as well as Field Day!  Hadley's class had "Messy Fun Day" and an ice cream party!



Mother's Day

This year I had a wonderful Mother's Day.  Cooper's school had the sweetest "Muffins with Mom" morning.  He was so excited to serve me and give me my gifts.  Such a sweet boy. 

Cooper made a book about me that said my favorite song is the "Whip and Nae Nae" HaHa!

So blessed to be a mom to these sweet kiddos.