Friday, April 20, 2012

Children's Museum

Today we headed to the Brazos Valley Children's Museum! (We are trying to enjoy every last minute with our little man before baby arrives!) We were so glad that Daddy took a couple hours off work to join us! Cooper had a great time exploring all the different areas of the museum. It was really a perfect place for his age.

Climbing in the Space Shuttle
The instrument room!
Building a house with Daddy.  (definitely his favorite!)
shopping at "HEB"
checking out

chalk wall (no he did not draw that flower!)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Big Brother Hospital Tour!

Last night we took Cooper to the hospital for the big sibling tour. Luckily, we were the only ones that showed up, and Cooper got lots of special attention! It was so nice that all the doctors and nurses stopped to make a big deal of him being there.
Ms. Ruth, the nurse, telling Cooper the rules of the hospital. He took it very seriously as you can see!
Showing off his big brother badge that he wore VERY proudly.
We got to look at a room like the one Hadley and I will be staying in. Daddy and Cooper even got to push the buttons to make the bed move up and down.
He got to practice holding and feeding a baby, and watch a short sibling video.
We also got to make a stop by the nursery to see a baby that had just been born. He got to learn about the umbilical cord and see inside the baby's mouth. He also got to see the ID bracelets that Hadley and I will be wearing.
When it was time to leave, he got his own big brother backpack to take home. Inside were some coloring pages, stickers, doctor gear, diapers, and even a bottle to practice with!
I think he's ready to be a big brother!
This was such a fun experience. So glad we took the time to go!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

We had such a fun Easter this year. We were blessed to have Grandmommy and PaPa come spend the weekend with us since I was unable to travel. Cooper was so excited to show them his new house. When they got into town they took Cooper to Gattiland while Chad and I enjoyed a dinner/baseball game night out!
The next morning we began our Easter fun with a little egg decorating. Cooper loved dipping the eggs into the dye and stirring them around.

Cooper pretending to be the Easter bunny. I spared Grandmommy and did not post a picture of her being a lion. :) You're welcome!
Treats from the Easter bunny!
Trying on his new boots!

Found the golden egg with lots of suckers inside!

Then of course we headed to church to celebrate our risen Savior! This was the first time since we have been married that we have been able to celebrate Easter at our home church!

We are so blessed!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Chicks

Look what Daddy brought home for Cooper this week!
Easter Chicks!
I have to admit I was less than excited to see another living thing that needed to be fed and cared for as we are getting ready for a new baby. But, they were definitely cute, and Cooper was beyond excited. Luckily, Chad found a permanent home for the chicks before buying them. So, they are only ours until the day after Easter.
Cooper feeding "Feathers" and "G".
Cooper wanted them to jump on the trampoline
...and play ball, but the chicks weren't too excited about either adventure.
However, I think they did enjoy playing chase!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

This past weekend we had some friends over for a cookout and Easter egg hunt. We have been SO blessed to find the most wonderful sunday school class ever! We are so so so thankful for the great friends we have made.
Sweet friends! (I did a horrible job of getting pics of everyone.)
Cooper enjoying his hot dog. (or the bread at least)
Precious Willa
The expert egg hiders
All the kids ready for the hunt!
And they're off!
Will opening his golden egg!
Susan and Grant checking out their goodies!

Cooper showing off his gigantic Easter basket!
Sweet Kyleigh

Another Cooper!
Weston enjoying all his goodies!
Molly having to work for her eggs

Cooper's Big Brother Trip

This past week we were having some rooms in our house painted so we decided it would be a good time to take Cooper on one last getaway as an only child. We had big plans for making this trip really fun and special for him, but as most of you know, things don't always turned out as planned especially with a 2 year old. While it wasn't quite what we had planned, I still think Cooper had fun and felt special!
First, we headed to Houston and stopped at the Outlets on the way. Cooper enjoyed being outside and riding all the little horses in between the shops.
Next, we headed to the Galleria to go to Build a Bear. Cooper is really into stuffed animals right now so I thought he would love this. I had big plans for him to make a bear to give to Hadley at the hospital and a big brother bear for himself. Turns out the stuffing machine scared him to death. He thought it was a vaccuum trying to suck the stuffed animal inside. He did enjoy washing the bear and getting it dressed, but definitely had no interest at all in making another animal. Ha! In the end, we did end up with a bear named "Water Tower" for Hadley. :)
Next, we headed to our hotel. Cooper loves staying in hotels especially the Embassy Suites. He loves eating popcorn at the Manager's reception, the breakfast (like his Mama), and the indoor pool of course. Well, much to our dismay this Embassy had no popcorn or indoor pool. :( We were very disappointed, but Cooper did enjoy jumping on the bed a little.
The next morning we headed to the Houston Aquarium. We had a good time looking at the fish, but were pretty disappointed with the facility. It didn't even compare to some of the other aquariums we have been to. As we were leaving, Cooper said, "I think they forgot some animals." I would have to agree.
We finished the trip with a stop at McDonalds to eat, play, and have ice cream. This pair of Green Lantern glasses Cooper got in his Happy Meal may just have been the highlight of the trip! HA!
Oh well, hopefully our little man knows how much we love him anyway! We are so proud of him and know he will be the BEST big brother to sweet Hadley.