Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Santa's Wonderland and Christmas Cookies

Before we headed to Abilene, we had some Christmas fun with just our little family.  We went to Santa's Wonderland, looked at Christmas lights, made cookies for Santa, and exchanged presents!
Ready for Santa's Wonderland!

We had so much fun on the hayride.  The kids loved the lights!

Family picture attempt
Coop took full advantage of the activities in Santa's Town. 
He even decided to ride the bull this year.  He did great and was very proud!

Making cookies!!!

Sure glad Santa likes sugar.  There was no shortage of sprinkles around here. :)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Cooper's First Christmas Program

Cooper had his first ever Christmas program this week.  I have never seen him more excited.  The kids chose their parts, and he chose to be a shepherd!  He did a great job.  We are so proud of him!

Heading to the front of the stage for the shepherd song.

 After the program, we headed to the gym for a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party complete with cupcakes!
Such a fun day!

Chambers Cousin Christmas 2013

Last weekend we had our annual cousin Christmas with the McQuittys in DFW!  Unfortunately, our schedules were only open for a weekend trip meaning everything was SO crowded.  We still managed to sneak in some fun though!

We attempted lunch at The Rainforest Café, but quickly relocated to Fuddruckers.


Next stop was Bass Pro Shop to see Santa.  Unfortunately, he was booked until late that night. So we enjoyed a ride on the reindeer carousel and a few ATVs instead.


We took a break for naps and met back up in Sundance Square to see Santa!  He was a great Santa, and one of my two loved it!  The other one not so much. ;)

We spent the night in the Embassy Suites, and had so much fun.  These two love a hotel!
 On Sunday, Dad and Grandad went to the Dallas Cowboy game while the kids and I hung out in downtown Ft. Worth.  We played and played and played on all the Christmas toys. 

 Then we met Mimi for lunch at Uno.  Cooper got to make his own pizza and thought it was great!
 After lunch we headed to The Cupcakery for some yummy cupcakes!

 That evening we met back up with Cassie, Madie, and Marlie for our first experience at the Coyote Drive-In movie.  Before the movie we enjoyed watching some ice skaters.  Madie and Cooper thought it was hilarious when people fell or crashed. 
Sweet Cousins

 Then we had some time for the little play area.

 All snuggled up and ready to watch Frozen!  We had SO much fun watching the movie from the back of our car.  I have always wanted to go to a drive-in and thought it was great!  Cooper and Hadley loved it too.  This was Hadley's first movie and she watched the whole thing! 

Fun memories!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Crafts

We have been able to fit in a few Christmas crafts/activities during this busy season!  It has been so fun now that both kids are old enough to enjoy most of it!

Pine Cone Ornaments (We used pine cones that Cooper and PaPa Martin collected)

 Gingerbread Playdoh

And our favorite so far... Gingerbread Houses!  I couldn't believe how independent both kids were making these.  They both worked for over an hour decorating.  

Both kids wear some type of Christmas hat almost 24/7 around here.  At any given time one of them is usually wearing a Santa hat, elf ears, or reindeer antlers.  We definitely have the Christmas spirit!
 And they may have done a little tasting here and there too!

 The clean up crew!
Love my little Rudolphs!