Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Austin Roadtrip

Last weekend, we decided to tag along with Daddy as he went to Austin for a work commitment.  We had fun hanging out in the hotel, swimming, and watching movies.  On Sunday, we decided to head to Zilker Park to enjoy the beautiful weather.  We had so much fun playing and riding the train!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Chambers Christmas

 The Chambers Christmas began with plenty of entertainment as usual! The karaoke machine was an extra touch this year.   Pretty sure all the kids were running scared by this point. ;)
 Cooper built a fort out of all of his presents. 
 Hadley was super excited! 

Hadley loved her Lambie
 She continued her trend of wearing all of her presents. 

Cooper writing his letter to Santa

He had to take one taste of the cookies just to be sure they were good enough for Santa.

Hadley picking out her cookies for Santa
 Reindeer Food!  Thanks Aunt Cassie for our awesome antlers. 


Hadley LOVED this.  She stayed outside forever spreading out the food.

 Santa came!

Sweet cousins!

 Thought I would also document Case's attempt at making Christmas a little more sophisticated this year.  Cassie quickly followed suit, but the rest of us remained a little more casual. :)
Even though Christmas didn't go exactly how we all planned, we are SO thankful for all of our Chambers family. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Foster Christmas

We had a great time at the Foster Christmas this year!  It is always so fun when everyone is here.  A little crazy... but fun!  Cooper and Hadley got to enjoy some extra cousin fun for a few days before Christmas!
"Look at this sucker Aunt Kristen gave me!"
 Grandmommy and PaPa treated us all with a trip to Mr. Gatti's!  Then Cooper joined his cousins for some Christmas light looking and a sleepover!

Somehow they all ended up with milkshakes during the Christmas light looking.  I hear it was Cooper's request. :)

 All 5 Foster cousins!  (Miss Grumpy would not smile for anything. HA!)
Silly faces!

Next up,  making cookies with Grandmommy!

PaPa and Jackson hanging out.

Me, Kent, and Kristen (We were going for the Abilene wind blown look)

Meghan and Cooper playing on the Ipad

Intense domino game
 As usual, there were tons of presents.  I think it is safe to say our shopping trip was successful once again!

Scott was thrilled with his baseball bat of sunflower seeds. 

 Hadley insisted on putting on/using every item she opened. 
 Cooper was thrilled with his soldier uniform.  He loved it so much that he didn't take it off until bedtime. 

Kent opening yet another pair of stretchy pants. Can you see his excitement? ;)  (Guess that's what happens when you turn 30)

Thanks for another great Christmas full of family, food, and fun!