Friday, August 12, 2016

One last get away!

 We decided to take one last trip to end our fun summer.  First stop was San Marcos and the glass bottomed boats!  We loved this and so did the kids!

 Next, we stopped for a short stay at a very crowded J.W. Marriott.  We swam, made smores, and had lots of fun!

 Then we headed to Corpus for the day.  We ate at our favorite Surf Shop, then hit up the aquarium, a trampoline park, and a Hooks game!  Such a fun day!
 Cooper and Hadley loved the aquarium!  They were able to feed a sting ray and touch a shark, jellyfish, stingray, starfish, and crabs!

 Next, we made our first trip to a trampoline park.  It was a definite hit!

 Whataburger field!  We loved watching the Corpus Christi Hooks!

Finally, we headed to Port A!  First off, we all went with our fishing guide Mr. Bill for a boat ride.  Hadley and I came along for a couple of hours to see dolphins and look for seashells.  Then, after taking us back to shore, Cooper and Chad headed out to catch a shark!  Unfortunately, they came back empty handed, but had fun trying!

 The rest of our days were spent playing on the beach! 

Now we are rested and rejuvenated for school!  Bring on the fall!

Abilene trip

We had such a fun trip to Abilene this summer!  We enjoyed getting to see everyone and making the rounds to all our Abilene favorites!
Cooper, Reb, and Grandad
 Hadley, Reb, and MiMi
 The kids had so much fun playing with Reb this trip!
 We spent one morning and Mom Mom and PaPa Mart's house.  Cooper loved seeing PaPa's rock collection.  He even got to take home a special one!

 We went to hear the zookeepers talk at the library!  The kids got to see and touch several animals!

 We made a visit to the Dr. Seuss statues downtown,
 And went to see the prairie dogs (after Mr. Gatti's of course!)
 The kids loved the zoo this time.  We were really impressed with the new giraffe exhibit.  The kids even wanted to use their own money to feed the giraffes!
 PaPa, Grandmommy, Hadley, and Cooper

 Ice cream break!

 Then we cooled off at the splash pad!
We had such a great time!  Thanks everyone!