Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Crafts

We have been able to fit in a few Christmas crafts/activities during this busy season!  It has been so fun now that both kids are old enough to enjoy most of it!

Pine Cone Ornaments (We used pine cones that Cooper and PaPa Martin collected)

 Gingerbread Playdoh

And our favorite so far... Gingerbread Houses!  I couldn't believe how independent both kids were making these.  They both worked for over an hour decorating.  

Both kids wear some type of Christmas hat almost 24/7 around here.  At any given time one of them is usually wearing a Santa hat, elf ears, or reindeer antlers.  We definitely have the Christmas spirit!
 And they may have done a little tasting here and there too!

 The clean up crew!
Love my little Rudolphs!

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