Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Port Aransas

This past week we took Cooper to Port Aransas for the first time! Port Aransas is a very special place to Chad's family and now to me as well. Chad went there a lot growing up and has many childhood memories from his vacations. Port Aransas is also the place where Chad proposed to me! We were so excited to take Cooper. MiMi,Grandad, and Case were already there. Cooper was so excited to see them! After enduring the Loooooonnnnnnngggggg drive, we had a great time!

Cooper's First Ferry Boat Ride!

Snacking on the Beach

Family Pic

Cooper loved watching the birds! We saw lots of pelicans from our balcony and Cooper was so excited! He just kept waving and waving!
Feeding the Sea Gulls with Grandad

Playing in the Ocean with MiMi

Uncle Case

Cooper "driving" the golf cart

Chad and I in the golf cart on our night out! (Thanks MiMi and Grandad!)

Cooper's First Trip to the Candy Store (My favorite place in Port A!)

Cooper spent almost all of his beach time playing in the sand. He would put seaweed, water, sand, and shells in his bucket and just stir and stir with his shovel. Then he would dump it all out and start again. He did not like to be disturbed during his work either!

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