Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A little of this, and a little of that

Since I have been terrible about blogging lately, I decided to do a little catch up post to show you some things we have been up to!

Last week, we took Cooper to the light parade in Midlothian. We got there really early to be sure we had a good watching spot. Unfortunately, it was really cold and Cooper was ready to go soon after the parade started. (I think it was a little slow paced for him!) However, he had a great time playing with this lighted sword his daddy bought for him.

This past weekend we hosted our annual Sunday School class Christmas party. We had a great time, especially with the white elephant gift exchange. It is so funny to see the gifts that resurface from past Christmas parties each year. Thanks to MiMi and Grandad for entertaining Cooper for the afternoon and evening! We enjoyed our adult time, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't ready to come home!

This week, we hosted our first playdate for our playgroup. It was very interesting to see how differently Cooper acted when all the kids were in his territory. I'm pretty sure he did not like his surroundings being disturbed. He was very fussy and unhappy the whole time. Luckily, he returned to his playful self as soon as the group was gone.

Making Christmas ornaments

Cooper hugging his favorite friend, Sophia.

Cooper has had a sudden interest in eating in his booster seat after seeing his playgroup friends borrow it.

Finally...some painting just for fun!

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