Monday, December 6, 2010

ICE! and the Gaylord

This weekend we met Cassie, Mike, and Madie at the Gaylord for an early Christmas present! We decided to take the kids to the ICE display and spend the night in lieu of Christmas presents to each other this year. We definitely had an eventful weekend!

Mike and sweet Madie getting ready for ICE!

The ICE exhibit was amazing, and VERY, VERY cold! Cooper liked looking at all the ice sculptures, but was ready to exit pretty quickly...especially when they didn't allow him to go down the giant ice slide with Daddy.

Walking through Snoopy's house made of ice!

Cooper and Daddy all bundled up!

Giant ice slides!
The decorations in the hotel were beautiful. Cooper loved watching the trains.

He also loved watching the fire in the lobby.

We made a stop to see Santa while we were there. As you can see, there is no picture below. Cooper loved smiling and waving at Santa from a distance, and even said his name. However, he was having no part of the up close and personal visit with the jolly man! Oh well, maybe next year!

Daddy and Cooper also managed to sneak in a quick swim in the indoor pool.

Spending the night at the hotel ended up not being such a great idea after all. Cassie, Mike, and Madie ended up making an early exit at 2 a.m., and we left pretty early the next morning after a long, sleepless night. Guess you never know what to expect with an infant and a toddler! :)
Pretty sure Cassie and I could have used some help from this booth after the night we had!
Don't the kids look like they are having a great time in this picture?

Overall, Cooper had a great time and we made lots of memories!


  1. Hahaha! I look like a bag lady. We may need to suggest the Grandparent's package next year. :) Love you guys - so glad we were able to spend the weekend with you even if it wasn't too successful. Memories!

  2. That last picture is hilarious!

    I feel you on the hotel stays, too. My first memories of sleeping in a hotel with Bug are not fond at all.

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