Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Round 2

This weekend we headed back to Abilene for Christmas with the Chambers. (We also spent Christmas Eve lunch with the Foster family, but I forgot to take pics.)

MiMi and Grandad got Cooper this cleaning cart. It was definitely a hit! (We have such high hopes for our child's future. Haha!)

Chad was determined to distract Cooper with some more "manly" toys like his new baseball tee, gun, toolbench, or even his sit and spin.

But... Cooper insisted on cleaning!
Cooper and Madie in their matching pj's from Aunt Cassie!
Getting cookies and milk ready for Santa!

Santa brought Cooper lots of goodies, but the only thing that interested him was his new kitchen! He cooked all day long! In fact, I'm pretty sure he still hasn't stopped cooking (except to eat and sleep of course).
Cooper later discovered that the box was almost as fun as the kitchen! Especially after Grandad cut a window in the top.

Madie was sure happy about her new house too!

We had such a fun Christmas! We are so thankful for all the family we have to share it with!

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