Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a great Easter in Abilene! What a blessing it is to have a heavenly Father that laid down his life for us. May we never for get the sacrifice He made for our sins. We had a wonderful time rejoicing in his resurrection this weekend!
Cooper had his first Easter egg hunt at MiMi and Grandad's. He wasn't too interested in the eggs, but he did like the shiny ones with money inside! Don't worry, they were taped closed! (the other eggs had Gerber puffs and cheerios inside!)
Hunting eggs!
Cooper and his egg collection. He had a little bit of help! :)
Cooper's treats from the Easter bunny! The basket I ordered didn't come in before we left for Abilene so we had to improvise with this Elmo basket instead! Inside were some books, a book of Bible stories for babies, clothes, pjs, and a spout cover for the bath tub! MiMi got Cooper the cute camo basket. Inside were some cute summer outfits, sippy cups, and a vibrating teether.
This was the basket I had originally ordered. It was waiting for us when we got home. :( Guess we will be prepared for next Easter!
Next, we went to church with Grandmommy and PaPa! Cooper started out great, but kept giggling at everything. Grandmommy took Cooper into the nursery and played with him during most of the service. Thanks Grandmommy!
After church, we had another Easter egg hunt at Grandmommy and PaPa's house. Cooper wasn't too interested, so good thing the adults got in on the fun! I even got the golden egg with a cash prize!!!
Here is our first family Easter pic!
I know I have already posted his outfit, but I couldn't resist this one!
We are so blessed to have such wonderful families. Thanks for a great weekend!


  1. I didn't even think of putting Cheerios and Puffs in the Easter eggs! I bet Katelyn would have been more into them if she knew there was food inside!
    Glad Cooper enjoyed his first Easter.

  2. Yayyy! I didn't know you had a blog:) I will definitely be keeping up with you guys this way now:) Cooper is an absolute little stud! Love love love the Easter outfit!! Bless you guys!