Monday, April 5, 2010

Cross Cut

This weekend, we took Cooper out to Chad's family's land in Cross Cut, Texas. Cross Cut is a small town outside of Cross Plains. Cross Plains is a small town between Abilene and Brownwood. He absolutely loved being outside and seeing all the sights.

First steps on Cross Cut soil. Cooper is the 6th generation of Chambers to step foot on this land.

Watching the horses run behind the truck! (No, he was not in a car seat much to my dismay! I was informed that there are no rules here.)

Cooper was not at all afraid of the animals. He just kept reaching out for them and grabbing them!

Meeting the donkeys

Meeting Jake

Feeding crackers to Jewel from inside the truck

Checking out the tank with Daddy

Watching Daddy, Grandad, and Uncle Case work on an oil well. (Yes, MiMi is still a fashionista even in the country!)

Sitting in the shade on a water cooler

Taking a break in the back of the Tahoe

Rocking with Grandad by the tank

All the Chambers men


  1. It looks like Cooper had a blast in Cross Cut! How exciting that he is the sixth generation to step foot on that land.

  2. I love all the pictures! I know Daddy was so excited to get him out there. I am sure many more memories will be made in these very spots.