Wednesday, December 30, 2009

6 Months Old

Can you believe Cooper is already 6 months old?

This is how I feel when I think about my baby boy getting so big. :(

But then I remember all the fun times we have ahead! :)

At 6 months, Cooper weighs 18lbs 9oz and is 26 inches long.

He has been enjoying some fruits and vegetables along with his rice cereal. So far he has eaten sweet potatoes (still his favorite), avocado, green beans, butternut squash, and pears.

Cooper can sit without support for a short period of time but still needs someone near just in case. He can roll from front to back and back to side. He loves to scream, but hasn't said any mama's or dada's yet. He is a very observant and busy little boy. He can smile and laugh out loud. He loves to chew on his fingers and blow bubbles with his mouth. He also loves to play with his toes. They have even made it to his mouth a few times. He loves to listen to music (Praise Baby is his favorite) and read books (especially touch and feel books). He puts everything in his mouth and is busy exploring everything around him.

We are so blessed to have such a sweet little boy. Happy 1/2 birthday Cooper!

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  1. Happy 6th monthday, Cooper! Katelyn can't wait to see you again.