Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweet Potatoes

This week Cooper had his first REAL food...sweet potatoes! As you can see, he loved them!

On a not so sweet note...Chad and I were called out of Sunday School this week because Cooper was crying in the nursery. He was crying so hard they were convinced he was sick or hurting. However, he was miraculously healed at the sight of Chad and me. In fact, he started laughing as soon as I picked him up. Hmmm... guess we should've known it would be a long road when the nurses brought him back to our hospital room on the night he was born because they couldn't calm him! Oh, I can only imagine what the first day of Kindergarten will bring!


  1. Cooper's miraculous healing cracked me up! Bug started the super clingy phase at 5.5 months, too. It lasted for a month or so, but she's pretty well past it now...until the next go 'round, anyway.

  2. Hey Kelly, my sister told me about your blog and I'm so thrilled to see your little sweet Cooper. Funny story about him in the nursery...I've been called to come get Canon many times, and he's 13 months old! Aren't you glad he is so attached to you though! :)