Monday, May 19, 2014

End of Year Weekday School Celebration

Cooper finished up Weekday school at Central Baptist last week!  He has had such a great year.  We were so blessed with two wonderful teachers and a class full of great friends for him.  He loved going every day and learned a lot! They had an end of the year program on Wednesday.  The kids sang a few songs and quoted a bible verse.  They also presented each child with a Godly trait.  It was so neat to see what the teacher had picked for each child.  Cooper was given "Goodness" which we thought described him perfectly.  It makes me cry every time I think about it.  What more could a parent want?  We are so blessed by our sweet boy.
Cooper walking in with his class (and making sure we were there)

Going onto the stage to accept his Godly trait certificate

Cooper and Hadley celebrating with pizza and cupcakes!

Bring on SUMMER!!!!

Cooper's teachers made a personalized scrapbook for each child. (I told you they were awesome!)  We loved getting to see Cooper in action.  What a treasure!  Here are a few pages.

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