Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pre Birthday fun

The weekend before Hadley's first birthday, we headed to Houston for some pre-birthday fun!  First up, the children's museum!!!  Chad and I were so impressed with all the activities at this museum.  The kids had an absolute blast! Such a fun day!

The second we walked in the door Hadley was off.  She never stopped the whole time we were there. 

This was Cooper's favorite part!
They had an amazing outdoor/water exploration area.  It was such a nice day out!

There was a whole city that was set up for the kids.  It was amazing. 
This was my favorite part.  It was a package store complete with a fully functional scale, packages, cash register, and delivery truck with GPS. 

The grocery store

This was a restaurant.  The kids could prepare the food and serve the parents.  So cute!

The whole 2nd floor was a toddler exploration area.  They had tons of things just Hadley's size. 

Of course, all she wanted to do was drive this truck. Ha!  The joys of having a big brother!
Next up, we had some hotel fun.  The kids had ALOT of fun on the beds.  :)

And watching the swans

After a good night's rest (yes, everyone slept! YAY!)  we headed to the Houston Zoo.  It was a great zoo, and another beautiful day.  Hadley loved the aquariums.  She just kept squealing with delight.  Precious!

She loved these little ground squirrels too.  They were so fast and funny.
 We even got to see the zoo keepers bathing the elephants.  Pretty interesting.

 Hadley had her first carousel ride!  She stayed on that animal about 5 seconds, then we went to the bench! Ha!

 By the end of the day, we were all tired!  What a fun weekend celebrating with our almost one year old!

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