Sunday, April 28, 2013

ONEderful ONE!

We had a "ONEderful" day celebrating Hadley's birthday.  We started the day with a number one blueberry pancake, singing happy birthday, and blowing out a candle.  Hadley LOVED the birthday song.  She would just smile and giggle every time we sang to her.  It was so sweet.  She certainly doesn't mind being the center of attention! :) 
Next up was present time.  She was actually quite interested in opening her presents.  She especially liked her new baby and car.  So fun!


Next, we headed to the park for a little outdoor playtime.  Unfortunately, it started to rain a little so our time was cut short.  

Then it was time for some more playing, lunch, and ICE CREAM at Chick-fil-a!
She thinks she is one of the big kids and just follows them around in the play area.

She liked the ice cream, but was more interested in the spoon. 

Taking a little wagon ride before nap


After nap, we went to the puppy store to visit the puppies.

And to ride our favorite fire truck

I tried all day to get a good one year picture, but Little Miss was not having it.  I finally had to give up on the bow.  Ha!

Happy 1st Birthday Hadley Claire!  We love you!


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