Sunday, October 3, 2010

State Fair and Nursery Update

Today we met Cassie, Mike, and Madie at the Texas State Fair! Cooper was very happy to see Madie. He just kept giving her hugs over and over! Who could blame him? She is such a doll!

It was EXTREMELY crowded, but it was a beautiful day! We didn't make it around to everything, but we managed to squeeze in some animals, fried food, and of course a picture with Big Tex.
Cooper loved watching all the animals. He was especially fascinated by the giraffe, zebras, dogs, kittens, and ostriches. Another trip to the zoo needs to be put on our calendar very soon!

On another note, Cooper has had THREE tearless weeks in a row in our church nursery! What has caused this radical change in behavior???
Well, this toy vaccuum of course!

Chad and I noticed this little jewel in the corner of Cooper's classroom one week when we picked him up. The next week, when we dropped him off, we asked for the vaccuum, and Cooper went right in no tears at all. So, every week Ms. Cathy has the vaccuum ready and waiting and he just cleans happily the whole time! HA! Whatever works, right?

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  1. Adorable fair pics! Looks like Madie and Cooper will be the best of friends. :) How many cleaning supplies can we purchase little Cooper during our November shopping spree?!?!