Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beach Fun!

This past weekend, my family rented a beach house at Surfside! We had so much fun playing in the water and sand, visiting with family, and eating (ALOT!). Cooper absolutely loved playing in the water and sand. He was very intrigued by the waves and would reach out to try to catch them. He loved crawling around and splashing in the wet sand too! Here are some pics from our weekend!

First time in the ocean!

Pure Joy!

Thankfully, Grandmommy and PaPa brought a tent for us to sit under. Cooper even took some naps out by the water while Grandmommy fanned him. Talk about spoiled! :)

Meghan, Cooper, and Kate! Cooper had so much fun playing with the girls!

Daddy and Cooper

Grandmommy and PaPa

Sweet, sandy feet!

Somehow this is the only picture that me or Kristen took of Kent! HA!

The MASTER chef! Thanks for the amazing meals Scott!

Aunt Courtney!

Me and Kristen (Cooper LOVES his Aunt Kristen! He would choose to go to her over anyone!)

PaPa and Cooper

Grandmommy and the girls!


  1. How fun! I love all of Cooper's rashguards. If Katelyn hadn't been given a swimsuit wardrobe this year, those are what I would have bought for her. I so think we'll go the rashguard route next year, though.
    And, it's too cute that you and your sister were wearing almost the same hat!

  2. So cute Kelly! I love, love the picture of his little feet!