Monday, May 27, 2013

Abilene fun!

This past week, the kids and I headed to Abilene for a few days before the busy summer begins!  We had such a fun time with Grandmommy and PaPa!  I forgot my camera, so IPhone pics will have to do.
First, we headed to Mr.Gatti's.  Since the Gatti's in College Station closed down, Cooper looks forward to the one in Abilene.  Grandmommy and PaPa had been saving a whole bag of  tokens, and boy did Cooper and Hadley have fun! (not sure what happened to the 2 quarter rule we used to have in game rooms. Ha!) 

Cooper and PaPa bowling

Little Miss was a mess. She loved climbing up on the skee ball lane.  Ha!

Hadley discovered the rocking chair this trip.  She crawled in and out probably a hundred times. 
  We had a fun visit with Mom Mom and PaPa Martin too.  I forgot to take any pictures. :/  Cooper and PaPa Mart went on a hunt for pine cones!  He also loved getting to see and hear about the huge catfish PaPa caught! 

   On Thursday, we had a fun surprise because Grandmommy and PaPa both took off work to spend a fun day with us!  We went downtown to look at the new Dr. Seuss statues.  They were so neat.  Cooper enjoyed seeing the characters from the stories he likes!
PaPa, Cooper, and the Cat in the Hat!

It was a little warm, so Hadley decided to take a quick dip in the fountain. :)
 Next up, we headed for the Abilene zoo!

feeding the fish
Hadley loved seeing all the animals, especially the lions.  She just kept pointing everywhere! :)

 After a hot day (and a trip to McDonalds), we headed home to cool off with some water fun!

Thanks Grandmommy and PaPa for such a fun time!


  1. Ha! The 2 quarter rule! We had something like that growing up, too. It doesn't apply to Katelyn, either.

  2. I heart Abilene! Can't wait to visit in two weeks! P.S. Hadley's outfit looks so cute :)