Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mini Spring Break

Yesterday, we decided to take a mini vacation and went to spend the night at the Gaylord Texan! We had so much fun together as a little family!

Cooper loved looking at all the sights inside the hotel. He was especially amazed by all the big fountains.

Cooper learned very quickly that he could get away with alot more in a hotel. We did just about anything to make him happy and keep him from disturbing others...

Jumping on the bed

Getting his pacifier when it wasn't sleeping time

We also took Cooper for his first swim! He loved, loved, LOVED it! He was splashing and kicking like a little fish! I think he would love a pool in our backyard. Hmmm... I wonder who we could talk to about that? I hear Pools By Owner is a great company! ;)

When Chad swam around with him, he would kick his legs like a mermaid. It was so cute!

As Chad and I ate dinner last night, we laughed at how much Cooper has changed our lives in the last 8 months. Chad went and got food for us from one of the restaurants in the hotel. We ate at the table in our hotel room by the light of the table lamp as Cooper slept. We whispered the whole evening after he went to sleep at 7:30. HaHa! While our lives are definitely different, we wouldn't change a single thing! One little smile from our sweet Cooper makes it all worthwhile!

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  1. What a blessing that sweet little boy is to us all! Glad you guys had a great time. :)